Photo copyright: S.Gardiner

Join the T3NDER Club

We are now at the point at which we need to focus our attention on the tender, to ensure that it will be ready when 563 returns to the Swanage Railway. Our plan is to restore the tender in our workshops at Swanage, using our team of enthusiastic expert volunteers. The work required is not extensive, but includes:

  • Strip to bare frames for inspection and protection
  • Replacement of the tank floor
  • Replacement of wrought iron brake components
  • Assessment of existing springs
  • Minor frame repairs around front drag-box
  • Re-metaling & machining of axle-box crown bearings and horn way faces
  • NDT of wheelsets, spring hangers etc.

With an estimated cost of just £50,000, we have decided to form the 563 T3NDER CLUB, with an invitation for 100 supporters to donate £500 each, with an option to do this over five or ten months. 

Special Benefits for members of the T3NDER Club include:

  1. Opportunity to ride on the first train behind 563 during its first official day in public service on the Swanage Railway, as a guest of the Swanage Railway Trust.
  2. The opportunity to visit the workshops at the Flour Mill and the Swanage Railway to view progress with restoration (Covid permitting, terms and conditions apply). 
  3. Opportunity to join the team working on the tender at the Swanage Railway. 
  4. A special T3NDER CLUB badge.

Please download and complete the forms before posting or emailing them back to us!