563 has been re-wheeled!

After reuniting the wheels with the frames we now have a rolling chassis and with this hugely significant milestone, the 563LG team now hopes to finish the restoration ahead of the summer season in 2023!

On Saturday 11th June, 563 Locomotive Group supporters with special guest historian and TV presenter, Tim Dunn were able to view the iconic T3 and see the progress that’s been made for themselves. With both driving wheels and leading wheels in position, the stage is now set to complete the boiler this year and enable the final assembly.

The construction of a brand new copper inner firebox has been the lion’s share of the project thus far and this has now been installed at heart of the boiler. Flour Mill machinist, Alex and Workshop Foreman, Geoff were on hand to explain the efforts behind their hard work and demonstrate the manufacture of the boiler stays and their installation.

With some 830 stays to do, this is no small task. Each stay is made from copper bar and costs £35 each. The order for the boiler tubes is also to be placed shortly and each of these costs £50 each as well.

To meet these costs, the 563 Locomotive Group are inviting the public to become supporters and sponsor a stay or a tube. A limited number of original stays, remain available to supporters that would like to make a significant contribution to the restoration project and you could own your very own piece of history.

The Flour Mill and 563 Locomotive Group are confident that 563 will be ready in 2023, providing the outstanding £150,000 can be raised. If you can help us then please considering making a donation!