Engineering Update 3

Boiler work has begun in earnest with precise surgery on 563s outer firebox!

Although the condition of the platework itself was reasonable, it is more practical to remove and replace the sides of the outer firebox instead of introducing extensive bushing to the enlarged holes. The new sides are both cheaper and achieve a better standard of repair which should mean we are likely to get at least 25 years use from this particular part of the boiler.

The Swanage Railway Trust has already committed £30,000 to pay for all the copper needed to construct a new inside firebox but to complete the rest of the boiler, we need your donations and standing orders for 563 to steam again!

The restoration is starting to make serious progress but to continue the momentum we equally need your contributions to keep going. Find out how you can get on board and support the project –

Outer firebox sides removed.

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